Care in Detail: A Perfect Guide to Maintaining Sex Doll Wigs

The wigs of sex dolls play a crucial role in shaping their overall appearance. Brands like Funwest, known for their expertise in fantasy styles, carefully select each wig, never settling for ordinary ones. Especially for cosplay sex dolls, even with higher costs, choosing high-quality wigs is a must to perfect the overall look. To ensure that your love doll always maintains an enchanting hairstyle, we provide you with a perfect wig care guide.

  1. Gentle Combing: First and foremost, ensure the use of an appropriate brush for combing the wig. Choose a fine-toothed comb and gently comb from the tips, gradually working your way up to the roots. Avoid using excessive force to prevent damage to the wig fibers.
  2. Cleaning and Care: Regularly cleaning the wig of your love doll is crucial. Use a mild shampoo, soak the wig in warm water, gently rub it for cleaning, and avoid vigorous rubbing. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse with clean water to ensure no residue of shampoo remains.
  3. Avoiding High Temperatures: Avoid using high-temperature tools such as hairdryers or heated combs to style the wig of your love doll. Excessive heat can damage the wig fibers, causing a loss of gloss and elasticity. Opt for natural air drying or low-temperature blowing to ensure the wig remains beautiful for an extended period.
  4. Using Professional Products: To ensure optimal care for your love doll’s wig, it is recommended to use professional wig care products. These products often include conditioners or hair serums that help maintain the softness and shine of the wig.
  5. Preventing Tangling: When storing or carrying your love doll, take precautions to prevent wig tangling. Use a dedicated wig cap or silk scarf to wrap the wig, avoiding friction with other items and reducing the likelihood of tangling.

If your sex doll is a silicone sex doll with implanted hair strands, it requires even gentler care to avoid hair shedding. Following the above guidelines can help your doll maintain its beauty to the highest extent, just as it looked when it first left the factory.

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