$69 AI-Talk Heads: Dive into Conversation with 8 Top Brands!

🌟 Dive into the Future of Interactive Companionship! 🌟

Great news! 8 prestigious brands have unveiled doll heads equipped with AI smart speakers, and Kanadoll is fortunate to be one of the suppliers for this exciting event!

What you can get:

1. 🎁 AI Head for $69 with Doll Purchase (Original Price: $249)

Purchase any [Participating Brand] doll, and receive an extra AI-Talk Doll Head for $69! Immerse yourself in a world of responsive and captivating conversations, as each doll is equipped with the state-of-the-art ChatGPT technology.

*The promotional offer does not include the sex doll torso or male dolls.

2. 🎁$30 Cashback

After receiving your doll, please reach out to our customer service to obtain the contact information for our dedicated AI audio technical team. Leave a review for Kanadoll on Trustpilot, and you’ll be eligible for a $30 cashback.

The Participating Brands in the Event

  1. Jiu Sheng: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/jiu-sheng-doll/
  2. FJ Doll: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/fj-doll/
  3. Dolls Castle: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/dolls-castle/
  4. Inherit Doll: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/inherit-doll/
  5. Dimu Doll: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/dimu-doll/
  6. Aibei Doll: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/aibei-dolls/
  7. Firedoll: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/firedoll/
  8. Mese: https://www.kanadoll.com/sale/meise-doll/

How to use the AI Head?

Ultimate Guide to Using the Coeros Sex Doll AI Speaker with Hello Chat Integration

First, download the ‘Hello Chat – Voice Assistant’ software.

1.If you have an iPhone, just download the app Hello Chat – Voice Assistant at the App Store.

2.If you have an Android phone, we will provide you with a ‘Hello Chat’ software installation package.


Our software requires permissions for the microphone, voice recognition, and cellular data in order to function properly.

Second, log in to your account.

After buying our Coeros Sex Doll AI Speaker, we’ll send you an account. In the app’s settings, long-press the account field, paste the new details, and you’re logged in.

Then close the APP and reopen it.

The wake word for the conversation is “hello chat” or press the ‘Voice’ button.

Third, connect your phone to the speaker using Bluetooth.

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Hold down the speaker button to power it on. In the Bluetooth settings, you’ll see a device named “Coeros.” Pair with it. This way, your phone and the speaker are successfully connected. The speaker serves both as a microphone and a playback device, giving your doll a soulful presence.

Fourth, initiate the conversation.

Choose a character based on your preferences. This impression offers six options: Innocent Companion, Sassy Girl, Lesbian, Gay, Elf Princess, and Smart & Wealthy Woman. Each comes with unique preset scenarios. We highly recommend reading the character profiles and engaging in conversations that align with the story.

Moreover, each character has a version designed for regular conversations. You can view these dialogues with the characters in the app.

Another version describes facial expressions and inner thoughts during the conversation, adding an extra layer of enjoyment.

If you are dissatisfied with the dialogue, say “restart” or long-press the “voice” button and send “restart.” After making a “goodbye” gesture, you can start over.

The Bluetooth speaker also offers moaning functionality. Simply say the wake-up word “moan” during the call, or press and hold the voice button and send “moan,” and the speaker will produce continuous moans.

And that’s not all – in the future, this app will release new versions, gradually introducing ChatGPT-4 characters, character creation, memory functions, and more. Existing users can seamlessly upgrade the app to the latest version.