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Latin Sexy Sex Doll Londyn 158cm


💕Hot Autumn Sale at Kanadoll!💕

📢Event Scope:

All sex dolls on our website,excluding accessories and discount sex dolls, are eligible for this promotion. No minimum spending requirement.

📢How to Participate:

1. Add the chosen sex doll to your shopping cart.

2. Enter the discount code "AUTUMN10" in the designated coupon code box during checkout.

3.Apply the discount code and complete the checkout process.

4. Await the delivery of your sex doll to your doorstep and embark on your ultimate experience!


This promotion can be enjoyed concurrently with the subscription offer. During payment, you can input the discount code received from the subscription into the designated coupon code box, click apply, and both discount codes can be used simultaneously.

- Free shipping on all orders. 99% of orders are shipped by air.

- In-stock love dolls can be delivered in 3-7 days.Please choose our overseas warehouse according to your location.

- After receiving payment, most dolls arrive in about two weeks. Processing and delivery time may be delayed during the Chinese holiday (The Spring Festival, Labor Day, The National Day, etc).

- We use durable, plain shipping boxes with no identifiable labeling or brand markings. The confidentiality of the contents of your package is assured every time.

Warning: If you reside in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, it‘s advised not to buy a sex doll under 140cm. Sex dolls under 140cm are confiscated at customs. Any loss caused by spot checks will be solely borne by the buyer.

- You can request a refund within 2 hours after purchase.

- For items not stocked at warehouse, refund requests after 12 hours will be subject to a late cancelation fee. You will only be entitled to a refund valuing 60% of total purchase amount.

- For items stocked at warehouse, refund requests after 12 hours are entitled to a refund valuing 70% of total purchase amount. If you have already been contacted by shipping, please be sure to refuse delivery.

- Please be patient for the slow shipment of goods due to force majeure factors such as COVID-19, regional wars, earthquakes, etc.

- If the delivery time is extended (more than 30 days longer than the expected date) due to the work error of the forwarding company and you choose to cancel your purchase due to prolonged delivery times.The indemnity is jointly borne by kanadoll and the forwarding company, and the compensation ratio is usually within 20% of the total amount.

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- If your order payment keeps failing, we will contact you in 24 hours and help you to go through it.

- You will receive an order confirmation once payment is completed.

Will the doll look exactly like the photo? Please check the factory shipment photos.

↓↓Check out the real photos of each brand:

↓↓Check out the real photos of Aibei Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of FUNWEST Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of DIMU Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of MESE Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of SY Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of AF Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of FJ Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of JX Doll:

↓↓Check out the real photos of DOLLFORME:

↓↓Check out the real photos of FIREDOLL:

↓↓Check out the real photos of Dolls Castle:

↓↓Check out the real photos of Rifrano Doll:

Kannadoll provides many customization options. Depending on the options you choose, the doll's appearance will be different, and the model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories for photo display. Most brands can restore 90%-95% of the makeup.

- Free shipping (99% by air)

- 24-hour online customer service is always ready to answer your questions.

- Kanadoll is an authorized sex doll distributor. Click here to view the brand mandate.(https://www.kanadoll.com/power-of-attorney/)

- Your payment is under SSL protection and safe absolutely. Don't worry about your information will be leaked.

•  Shipped from the EU warehouse, arrived in 3-7 days.

•  Free shipping in the EU(Only sold in the EU)

 The sex doll is made of advanced TPE material and has passed CE, FDA, RoHS certifications.

•  SSL protection, secure payment.

•  Option: Standing

•  Brand: Rifrano

•  Bust / Waist / Hip: 82cm/44cm/80cm

•  Vaginal / Anal / Oral : 17cm/17cm/12cm

•  Net Weight: 30kg

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