What is A Sex Doll?

A Sex doll, also known as a love doll is a life size sex toy. They are designed to resemble real human beings and have real human body parts, such as a vagina, chest, butt, among other features. These realistic sex dolls are designed to help people masturbate and release sexual tension.

Due to advancements in the sex doll industry, sex dolls are no longer just used for sex. Some people also buy sex dolls for photography or art appreciation. Many sex dolls are real life sex dolls but some come as sex dolls torsos, which feature only hips, breasts, and other body parts. Realistic sex dolls are now among the most popular sex toys in the market today.

Realistic sex dolls are made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials. These materials are used because they can simulate the human face and skin to make the solid sex dolls look exactly like real people. These life-like sex dolls also feature an alloy skeleton inside the body to simulate the body and figure of real women.

The TPE material is more flexible, soft, and squeezable and has become the preferred material for making sex dolls in previous years. However, TPE realistic sex dolls have their disadvantages as well. The main one is the fact that they cannot withstand long exposure to high temperatures. TPE sex dolls are a preferred choice for many novices because they are cheap and affordable. The silicone sex dolls have more resemblance to a real human being, are easy to clean, and have more heat resistance. However, they are more expensive than TPE sex dolls.

To better simulate real human beings, life-sized sex dolls also feature human functions such as voice, internal body heating, and body movement. Some sellers also provide their customers with the option of choosing different hairstyles, skin color, and ethnicity before placing an order. Advancements in technology have also prompted the manufacture of AI sex dolls, which are capable of deep learning and interacting with the owner. Whatever the reason for buying a sex doll, these clever inventions can help you fulfill your sexual desires.

This is a big investment for most of people who want to buy a sex doll, so we created this complete sex doll beginner’s guide to help you find the best sex doll.

What is a sex doll?

Sex dolls (love dolls) are adult sex toys designed according to the real life size of the human body. There are mainly male sex dolls and female sex dolls. The sex dolls sold now are mainly female sex dolls. With complete anatomy body parts, such as hair, face, chest, butt, vagina, anal, toes, etc., exactly like real women. For female sex dolls, they have huge penis. There are also some torso sex dolls. They are usually half-body designs or have only a part of the body such as the pelvis, which can fully meet the needs of masturbation.

At some sex doll sales and manufacturers, you can also customize sex dolls, she can be your friend or your wife, just send a photo to satisfy your sex fantasy. Now with the development of technology, sex dolls already have AI functions, such as pronunciation, heating and others, which will make you have a wonderful sex journey.

The history of sex dolls

The earliest sex dolls in the world were created by sailors from France and Spain in the 16th century. These people could not get sex during long voyages, so they sewed old clothes to make life-size dolls for sex. Later, during the Rangaku period, the Dutch sold these sex dolls to the Japanese, so the Japanese also called sex dolls the Dutch wife.

It is reported that the realistic sex doll appeared during the World War II when Germany made real sex dolls for soldiers. However, there is no reliable evidence for this. However, commercial realistic sex dolls originated in Germany and are recognized by most people, and Barbie dolls design inspiration comes from sex dolls.

The technology of making sex dolls began to develop rapidly after the 20th, and silicone and tpe gradually became popular materials. The governments of various countries have also introduced different laws for sex dolls, making the sex doll industry more standardized.

Now there are AI robot sex dolls capable of deep learning, which can better simulate real people and meet your desire. The sex dolls in the future will be smarter and more like real humans

TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll

The mainstream material for making sex dolls is silicone or tpe. As a beginner, when you want to buy sex dolls, you will make choose from tpe and silicone. This is a detailed guide for tpe and silicone love dolls.

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material. The sex doll skin made with it is very soft and flexible. Most importantly, tpe sex dolls are cheap but of good quality. As a doll-loving professional, I think the main disadvantages of tpe sex dolls are they dont resistance to stain and high temperatures. But for most beginner, cheap tpe sex dolls are the best choice.

Silicone is an advanced material. Silicone sex dolls look more realistic, but the price is more expensive. This requires more than 2000 dollars. If you have a sufficient budget, you can buy silicone sex dolls.

How to use sex doll?

Using sex dolls is more exciting than buying sex dolls, isn’t it? When everything is ready, you can now use your sex doll. Many people buy sex dolls for different purposes. Some people use it for sexual, and others use it for other purposes, such as photography, companions, displays, models, etc. But i think sexual is an option for most people.

Vaginal sex with doll

Every sex doll has a tempting vagina. You can choose whether you need pubic hair before buying, which will give you a different feeling. The sex doll’s vagina is designed like a real women. When you have sex with a doll, you will feel like having sex with a real person. The interior of each doll has a metal skeleton, so using a variety of poses is also possible.

Sex doll and oral sex

Oral sex can be used as part of the foreplay, allowing you to get enough stimulation before performing other sexual activities (such as vaginal and anal sex), which can cause you to have strong sexual desire.

Anal sex with sex dolls

Does your wife not want to have anal sex? Never mind, sex dolls are perfectly fine. Sex doll has a real anus, a brand new 3D design, and it feels completely real to you.

Use lubricant

It is recommended that you use lubricant before having sex with a doll, which will give you better enjoyment. For tpe and silicone sex dolls, use different lubricants please. This is a detailed guide: What Type Of Lube You Should Use With Your Sex Doll?

Best sex doll recommended

Here we recommend you the best sex dolls based on ratings, such as: BBW sex dolls, black sex dolls, small love dolls, MILF sex dolls, cute sex dolls, etc. You can buy the best sex dolls from love doll collections.

1. Huge BBW Real Sex Doll MILF Lilly 158cm

2. Black African Sex Doll With Big Booty Cecilia 165cm


3. Cute Life Size Sex Doll Beautiful Nova 125cm


4. Japanese Flat Chested Real Sex Doll Lucy 100cm


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