How To Avoid Staining Your Sex Doll?

There are a million ways you can go wrong about maintaining your sex doll. And since you already know how painfully expensive these babes can be, you definitely wanna make sure you are doing everything right to make your pricey pleasure last for a long time. Therefore, in this short article, I’ll show you 10 ways of how to avoid staining your sex doll. Let’s get right into it:

Carefully Choose The Sex Doll Material

Today, there are two most popular and preferred materials for creating a sex doll – silicone and TPE.

Silicone sex dolls have an excellent standard when it comes to their safety reputation during human contact and they generally have better heat resistance. This means fewer chances for your sex doll to become stained if accidentally exposed to high heat such as extreme sunlight and being left near the heating source.

TPE VS Silicone sex doll

On the other hand, TPE sex dolls are generally cheaper and they offer a more realistic, skin-like feeling which makes them the preferred option by many buyers. However, their flaw is that they have lower heat resistance and more responsibility comes with them.

If you decide upon purchasing a TPE option, you need to be very careful about how you use, store, clean, and dress your doll up compared to a silicone sex doll that is the pricier option but is more resistant to damage.

Don’t Expose Your Sex Doll To Strong Heat

In order to keep your doll pristine for a long time, there is a set of criteria that you must adhere to. This includes safely storing your doll away after you’ve done playing as well as avoiding exposure to potentially harmful situations. For example, too much sunlight can cause wear and tear to the doll due to material degradation.

Also, leaving your doll near the heating isn’t a good idea as this can cause the material to degrade and potentially start to harbor harmful bacteria that can put your own health at risk.

Try your best to safely store your sex doll in her original storage box and away from natural or artificial heat.

Make Sure She’s Undressed When She’s Not Being Used

Dressing up is sexy and all but what you really need to pay attention to is to not leave your sex doll in her storage box with her clothes still on.

If the room usually gets too hot, this can potentially cause some staining over a prolonged period of time, especially if the clothes are made out of faux leather, latex, denim, polyester or they have bright and pigmented colors (red and black are the most likely to cause staining).

Therefore, the best thing to do once you’re done playing with your sex doll is clean her properly, leave her to fully dry, and store her completely naked to avoid the potential risk of staining.

Never Put Your Doll Inside a Plastic Bag

Placing a black garbage bag over your sex doll may be a good idea when it comes to protecting your privacy, but it is a terrible way to maintain your doll.

Plastic bags are incredibly prone to transferring their colors onto the material, especially if you are already keeping your sex doll inside a warm room.

This will inevitably cause stains that cannot be removed once there.

Here are some ways to hide sex dolls: How To Hide A Sex Doll?

Don’t Use Shower Gels When Cleaning Your Sex Doll

I’m sure you want your sex doll to smell nice and pleasant, therefore, it can be very tempting to use your favorite sweet-smelling shower gel to achieve this.

However, this is not going to do your sex doll any good and it can potentially cause the material to start rubbing off and deteriorating.

Remember that no matter how realistic it looks, a sex doll doesn’t have human skin and some of these surfactants usually found in shower gels can do more damage than good. In fact, the only “good” they do is make your doll smell like your favorite scent temporarily.

That isn’t worth the potential damage, given that a decent sex doll is an investment that costs a lot of money. Always use antibacterial soap or cleanser and water to keep good sanitation after using your sex doll.

NEVER Dry Your Sex Doll With a Hairdryer

Although I already mentioned that you shouldn’t expose your sex doll to high heat, it can be very convenient to think that a lower setting on the hairdryer won’t do any harm and besides that, it can save you a lot of time.

No! Attempting to dry your sex doll with a hairdryer is a no-go, even if the setting is low and the air coming out of the dryer is relatively cool.

It’s always a good idea to wash your doll’s orifices after playing and leave them to dry naturally. You can save time by not washing the entire doll every time you play with her, but never attempt to dry it with a hairdryer.

Powder Your Doll Occassionaly

Sex dolls can become sticky and attract lint or dust over time. It is important to rejuvenate your doll’s skin by applying some baby powder as this will give her a fresh new look and can help prevent staining that can be very difficult to get rid of once it appears.

It is best to powder your doll when it is completely dry, otherwise, the powder may clump, therefore, the best time to do this is after washing and before storing her back in her box.

For smoothness and a consistent spread, use a makeup brush for application. There’s no golden rule for powdering your doll, just do it as often as necessary when the skin seems to become “magnetic”.

Don’t Apply Any Body Lotions To Your Doll

Body lotions are great to give that nice shine and beautiful scent, however, this is one of the worst things that you can do to your sex doll.

Body lotions contain ingredients known as emolients and occlusives that are responsible for moisturizing the skin and giving that nice glide.

However, these are typically oily ingredients that will definitely cause unwanted damage to your doll’s skin.

Furthermore, these ingredients are designed to absorb into human skin, however, since sex dolls don’t have pores, these occlusives will just sit on the surface of the material and attract dust, lint, and even help fabric colors transfer onto the doll easier and stain her.

Additionally, they can also contribute to slow and steady degradation.

The material will start to smell badly which will probably cause you to want to slap more of these lotions without realizing they are the ones causing the smell in the first place.

Always keep your sex doll clean and don’t add anything that’s meant for human skin to it.

Never Use Baby Oil As Lubricant

Uusing baby oil to lubricate your sex doll is a bad idea for several reasons.

Namely, oils are extremely difficult to clean and they can not only stain you and your sex doll during sex, but they will also completely destroy your sheets and furniture, too.

Additionally, while you may get away with using baby oil once or twice without a devastating consequence, constant use of baby oils may potentially damage the material of your sex toy and will definitely contribute to slow degradation.

Moreover, since sex dolls typically come with carefully drawn makeup on, there is the risk of the oil smudging it all over the place, which will then stain your sex doll. Therefore, make sure you’re always using right lube when playing with your sex doll to avoid a potentially costly damage.

Buy a Pre Made-Up Sex Doll

When purchasing a sex doll, the most important thing is that you like her appearance and are finding her attractive.

Therefore, it might be a good idea that you invest a bit more money in a sex doll that has drawn makeup on just the way you like it.

Doing your doll’s makeup can be exhausting and chances are that (unless you are a makeup artist) you will mess things up and probably stain your doll for good.

Besides that, makeup is very tricky and some bright pigments (like pinks, purples, and reds) are notoriously difficult to remove and can stay on your doll forever, completely ruining her look.

And would you like a doll with a permanent red stain around her lip? Of course not. So the best thing to do is order a pre made-up sex doll.

Sex doll companies are so sophisticated these days and they offer a variety of makeup styles ranging from natural, day makeup all the way to bold, evening makeup and even romantic and wedding makeup styles.

On the other hand, if you are already determined to give makeup artistry a chance, a word of advise would be to opt for cheap, powder makeup palettes because these are of lower quality and which means they don’t have strong pigments that can potentially stain your doll and are usually easy to wash off.

Final Thoughts

If you have a question about any of the 10 ways of how to avoid staining your sex doll, please hit us up in the comments below and we would love to reply!

Additionally, do you have any helpful tips on maintaining a sex doll? Feel free to share them with us down below!

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