10 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Sex Doll

The more research we do the clearer it becomes that owning a sex doll isn’t for anyone who’s not ready to take a huge responsibility in their life.

Sex dolls require gentle handling and a ton of maintenance, so if you think this is not for you – you are probably right.

However, if you are confident you want to own a pleasure doll and you are the type of person that knows how to take responsibility – you are very likely to enjoy every second spent with your doll.

But it’s not all rainbows, butterflies, and orgasms on this journey and there are quite a few things you can do wrong and end up harming your sex doll.

So why is it important to avoid doing these things?

Because for one: modern sex dolls are freaking expensive and you don’t want to be throwing your money down the drain by making rookie mistakes.

And number two: this is a relationship, it’s not just something you are going to throw in the trash once you’re done with it.

Even if you may feel that way before buying your first sex doll, the majority of sex doll owners have reported that besides getting intimate, they also enjoy doing other random things with their sex doll and they see her more as a companion rather than just a masturbation aid.

In other words: you will definitely feel something for your doll and it would be a shame to not take good care of her.

So, in the name of love for sex dolls, here are 10 things you shouldn’t do to yours if you want the relationship to last long:

Don’t Leave Your Doll In A Seating Position For Too Long

It’s totally fine to want to keep your doll near you at all times. This is extremely convenient, especially if you live alone so you don’t have to pack her up in her storage box after you’re done with her.

However, many people make the mistake of leaving their sex doll in a seating position on the couch and leave for work, leaving her in that position all day long.

This certainly won’t cause a backache for the doll but it can potentially cause permanent creasing in areas such as the inner elbows and behind the knees.

Unfortunately, once this happens – the damage cannot be reversed, so it’s a good idea to leave her in a straight position as much as possible.

Don’t Put Too Much Unnecessary Pressure On Your Doll

Modern sex dolls are generally built by using strong and durable materials such as silicone and TPE, and besides that, they also have a metal skeleton that makes their heavier weight more realistic and adds on durability.

A modern sex doll can endure the heavier weight and is built to last during various sex positions.

However, besides that, it is a good idea to avoid putting too much unnecessary pressure on your doll. For example, don’t put extra items on her when you don’t need to, and try to keep her in a straight position when you are not using her.

Additionally, being gentle with her will definitely help the doll last you longer as too much pressure can cause the material to tear, so always make sure you’re being extra careful when using her.

Make Sure To Wash Your Doll Properly

This is a crucial thing to do when owning a sex doll because, at the end of the day, it’s your own health that it’s in question here.

If you don’t wash your sex doll’s openings properly, you are making way for a plethora of bacteria to spread and just live their best lives in the residue of your bodily fluids.

This can potentially result in infections and skin diseases that are very difficult to get rid of.

Additionally, when washing your sex doll, make sure to wash away excess cleanser and not leave any residue on her skin because this can get in contact with your skin the next time you have sex with your doll and can also result in rashes and even more complicated skin conditions such as contact dermatitis.

The bottom line is: never leave any residue natural or synthetic inside your sex doll.

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Don’t Do This After Washing Your Doll

After your doll is thoroughly washed, you don’t want to rush the drying process and use hairdryers or other direct heating sources to dry her up.

The best thing to do is to leave her to dry naturally and if this takes too long, you can leave her in a room that has AC but don’t expose the doll directly to the hot air.

Additionally, once your doll is dry, make sure to use some baby powder on the skin to help protect the material and keep your doll in prime condition.

Only Use Powder Makeup To Beautify Your Doll

Cream-based makeup such as foundations, concealers, cream-blushes, etc., often contains ingredients that are on the oilier side.

These work great for human skin but do not get along with silicone or TPE materials. So much so that they can, over some time, seep into the material and permanently stain the area.

This will lead to damaging one of the most important areas of your doll – her face.

If you want to enhance your doll’s features, make sure to only use powder makeup as this won’t stain the material and is incredibly easy to remove if you make a mistake and wish to correct it.

Don’t Spray Perfume Directly Onto Your Doll

Perfumes are amazing and besides enhancing your senses, they can actually act as aphrodisiacs to instantly get you in the mood and make you even more attracted to your doll.

However, as good as this sounds, spraying perfume directly onto your doll’s skin is bad news in the long run and can easily cause permanent damage.

Due to the high alcohol content in perfumes, they can make the pigment rub off and leave your doll with a weird patch of discoloration in the areas you’ve sprayed it.

A less damaging option is to invest in high-quality perfume of your choice and use it to thoroughly spray your doll’s clothes. You can then leave the clothes to air-dry for a day or two before putting them on your doll.

The goal is for the clothes to be completely dry. You will then certainly be able to feel the scent but without the risk of damaging your sex doll.

Don’t Use Oils And Creams To Lubricate Your Doll

Oils and creams look and feel great on human skin but they just don’t work when it comes to sex dolls. Oils are notorious for being able to literally degrade TPE and silicone and make your sex doll toxic to your health.

Degraded material is easier to collect dust, grime, dirt, etc., and will enable bacteria proliferation.

Creams and lotions, on the other hand, are made out of ingredients known as emollients which are used to give these products a silky and slippery feel.

However, while these emollients are great for human skin, they won’t absorb into silicone or TPE and they will ball up on the surface of your sex doll and slowly destroy the material over time.

Don’t Dress Her Up In These Fabrics

Knowing which fabrics to choose and which to avoid is a crucial thing when choosing your doll’s clothing.

In general, sex doll owners on multiple forums agree that dressing her up in materials such as faux and real leather, denim, and latex can potentially cause staining.

Apparently, this staining sometimes goes away on its own after several cleaning sessions, but it oftentimes remains permanently imprinted on the doll’s skin.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid them altogether.

Secondly, there are some colors that can also cause staining and these are usually dark and very pigmented colors such as black, red, fuchsia, purple, magenta, navy blue, etc.

What you can do about it is either opt for light pastel colors such as baby pink, yellow, sky blue or if you enjoy seeing your doll in a darker outfit, you want to make sure to wash her dark clothing multiple times in warm water and see if the color runs.

Some people like to put dark colors with white socks, for example, to make sure that the colors aren’t running after several washes, however, don’t always rely on this and make sure to leave your sex doll in dark clothing for a limited time or ideally avoid it altogether.

What you can also do is opt for buying second-hand clothing as these have been worn and washed multiple times so chances are the colors are not as pigmented as they are on a new piece of clothing.

Don’t Leave Your Doll Near High Heat

Never leave your sex doll near high heat for a prolonged period of time.

You may very well feel free to leave her in a warm room because nobody expects you to have sex with her in a freezing-cold room, however, avoid exposing her to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time or leaving her right next to a heating source.

Although extremely durable, high heat can sometimes cause materials such as TPE and silicone to start melting.

Never Use These Products On Your Doll

Avoid using the following products on your sex doll at all costs:

Rubbing alcohol on some websites is being sold as a means to remove stains from your sex dolls, however, these websites don’t mention that rubbing alcohol will literally rub off the doll’s pigment and leave her with a discolored stain.

Essential oils are fragrant components that smell incredibly good and are used to purify the air. However, essential oils can “burn” and permanently damage the material of your sex doll, so it’s never a good idea to use them as a fragrance.

Shampoos and body washes contain strong ingredients known as surfactants that are difficult to remove from silicone or TPE and will leave your doll looking dry and dull. Only ever use shampoo to wash your doll’s wigs.

Laundry detergents and conditioners contain artificial colorants and strong fragrance that can permanently damage the material of your sex doll. These are also notoriously difficult to be scrubbed off materials such as TPE and silicone, meaning they will leave residues on the doll’s skin and make it sticky and annoying.

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