10 Ways To Heat Up Your Sex Doll Without Damaging Her

Modern sex dolls are pretty much everything you desire in a woman’s physical appearance. They are smoking hot, boast mind-bending curves, have goddess-like facial features, and are incredibly realistic.

The attention to detail put into their creation is completely immaculate, and this is why many men don’t have an issue paying a lot of money only to own one of these modern love goddesses.

However, we have to be realistic and aware of a few shortcomings modern sex dolls have.

Besides not being able to stand on their own, walk around, or do any physical activity, sex dolls also don’t have the comfortable warmth we as human beings crave in another.

It is a little bizarre because, in some instances, it’s like you’re sleeping next to a cold, dead body, and unless you are into a certain type of paraphilia, this may be a deal-breaker for you or an annoyance at the very least.

But there is good news here and that is modern sex dolls due to the materials used to create them are good enough in insulating heat, so keeping them warm for some time will result in prolonged body warmth.

This will allow you to spend more comfortable hours snuggling with your warm sex doll.

However, since the materials used to create modern sex dolls aren’t indestructible, you need to know how to efficiently warm up your doll without risking any potential damage.

Therefore, in this article, I will share with you 10 tips on how to warm up your doll without damaging her. Most of these ways are affordable so it is definitely going to come in handy for anyone.

Let’s jump right in:

Here are 10 ways to heat up your sex doll without damaging her in any way:

Built-in full body heaters

Built-in full-body heater systems will warm up the doll’s body and her orifices from the inside out. It’s a little pricier method, however, it is a very worthy option if you have money to splurge for your pleasure and comfort.

This is an extra upgrade that you can order from many sex doll manufacturers.

If it’s not already being offered as an extra option on the website, you may always get in touch with your preferred manufacturer cause they will probably be able to accommodate your request.

When you order a sex doll with a built-in body heater the doll will arrive with a wire that will plug into the doll’s body and the other end will run to the wall outlet.

The plug is most often equipped with a small screen that tells you the current temperature of the doll as well as buttons that you can press to customize your preferred temperature.

Once you plug the doll in, electricity will heat up her body to the set temperature usually in about 20-30 mins, depending on the strength of the device.

After your doll has been heated up to your pleasure, you may then unplug her and you are now both ready to play.

Warming up your doll in this way will certainly give you a more realistic and pleasurable experience, however, be mindful of leaving her plugged in for a long time as this can potentially cause overheating and material damage.

Warming rods

There have been some controversies on multiple sex doll forums about using a warming rod, so after doing extensive research, here’s what I found on how to use these safely.

Warming rods or wands are basically sticks that are mostly used by fleshlight owners to warm up their sleeves and make their masturbation session more comfortable and pleasurable.

First of all, before purchasing a warming rod you have to take the material of your sex doll into consideration.

Fleshlights are mostly made out of TPE which is a material that’s incredibly soft and feels super realistic, however, its very known flaw is that it’s not handling high temperatures all too well and it can get damaged easily if exposed to direct heat.

To be precise, fleshlights and sex dolls made out of TPE start to lose integrity when exposed to heat above 120°F (48°C), so as long as you keep the wand to about 98.6°F (37°C), which is a standard body temperature, you shouldn’t be having any issues with the material.

On the other hand, silicone sex dolls can take a slightly higher temperature without the risk of getting damaged, which is already an advantage over TPE sex dolls.

Furthermore, silicone is a great insulator which means once you thoroughly warm up your doll, she will stay nice and warm probably for the whole evening, depending on what’s the temperature in your room.

However, warming wands aren’t very strong and it usually takes 2-3 cycles of warming (which usually lasts anywhere from 6 to 9 minutes per cycle) to warm up your doll to a somewhat pleasant temperature.

This makes them a good and cheap option for both sex doll materials, however, their only flaw is that they can warm up one orifice at a time unless you purchase two or three wands.

Electric blankets

Electric or heating blankets are the best thing since sliced bread and it’s the only thing that can help me get through a brutally cold winter.
However, besides keeping you warm, an electric blanket can also warm up your sex doll and make her a little more desirable and realistic during a cold night.

Electric blankets have a variety of different settings you can modify to get your ideal temperature where you feel comfortable, however, be mindful when wrapping your sex doll up in one of these.

Heating blankets usually warm-up from 68°F to 122°F (20℃ to 50℃), but it is the best idea to keep them on the lower setting when using them to warm up your sex doll and to not exceed a standard body temperature as this may potentially cause TPE materials to melt.

Silicone material can maybe take a little higher temperature but try to remain within the same range. Additionally, once you warm up your silicone doll, she will remain warm for a longer time.

Warm sheets

This is one of the cheapest options on the list and it’s also efficient if done properly.

In order to warm up your doll with warm sheets, you need to have the following:

  • An iron
  • White cotton/polyester sheets
  • Wooden storage box

Start by placing the doll inside the wooden box before ironing the sheets and covering the doll with them. Close the box and leave it in a warm room for a few minutes before use.

It’s ideal to have white cotton/polyester sheets because these won’t leave lint on your doll’s skin. A wooden storage box will also help retain heat.

Warm towels

One of the easiest things to do to quickly warm up your doll before use is to wrap her up in warm, damp towels. Make sure the towels are white so that they don’t potentially transfer color and stain your doll’s skin.

Also, using damp towels will prevent them from shedding lint on your doll’s skin.

This method probably isn’t as efficient as some of the methods mentioned above, but it’s a quick fix that can make some difference if you don’t have anything else at hand.

Warm baths

Warm baths can be an ideal evening recreation and a time well-spent with your sex doll. You can choose to fill up the bath and enjoy some sexy time with your doll or even take her for a steamy shower with you.

Both ways can be super-efficient in warming up your doll and yourself for a more realistic experience.

One thing to remember is to not use extremely hot water as this can potentially damage the material. Try to keep the water temperature below 112°F (44°C) to avoid potential damage.

Warm up the room

A warm and comfortable room can be pleasant and relaxing for you but it can also help warm up your sex doll for a more realistic experience.

With that being said, avoid placing your sex doll near a direct sourcing heat like radiators or heaters as this will definitely cause the material to melt.

Besides that, once she’s warmed up, your sex doll is capable of retaining body heat and it will remain pleasantly warm for a few hours.

Warm water bottles

Surrounding your sex doll with warm water bottles is one inexpensive way to warm her up before using her as the water remains warm in plastic bottles for up to 30 minutes, depending on the surrounding temperature.

One effective way to do this is to wrap up your doll in warm sheets and place her either under your blanket, quilt, or leave her in her storage box with a few bottles of warm water around her for some time.

Warming lube

Warming lube is another simple way to warm up your doll’s orifices as well as your own skin before play.

These types of lubes often contain ingredients such as menthol and camphor in a diluted form as these components warm-up incredibly well, especially when in contact with human skin.

However, always make sure you are using a water-based lube instead of silicone or oil-based one as these may contribute to slow material degradation.

Regular blankets

The simplest way to warm up your doll is to leave her under regular blankets or quilts and stay near her. The heat from your body will emanate and soon enough, your doll will start feeling warmer and warmer.

This may not be the ideal option for the coldest of winter days and nights, but it is a sufficient method that can be even more useful if you have heating inside your room.

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