Top 10 Japanese Sex Dolls in 2021

Japan is known for being the home of flashy lights, bright colors, anime, culture, great food, fashion, and of course, beautiful women.

Japanese women are some of the most beautiful looking women in the world. They are the literal embodiment of how a woman should look if you ask any average man.

But not only does their beauty stem from their beautiful pale skin, slender bodies, cute faces, and long dark hairs, but this also encompasses their virtues.

Japanese women are respectable, shy, gentle, and are taught to follow tradition. This can make them kinda hard to date, really because they are known for dating-to-marry instead of just meaningless messing around.

This is the part where sex doll manufacturers jump in to save the day by creating incredibly realistic Japanese sex dolls to fulfill all your sexual desires.

And if you don’t know where to start, we curated a list of the top 10 Japanese sex dolls you should be on the lookout for in 2021.

Japanese Big Tits Real Love Doll Remington 168cm (5’5)

Remington is a quiet and gentle soul that enjoys connecting with nature and spending her time doing self-improvement activities such as reading, drinking teas to clear out her mind, cooking healthy and delicious meals, and meditating on the patio.

Remington doesn’t quite fit in the Japanese beauty standards as she happens to be a little heavier than most Japanese women but she’s totally fine with that.

Years of meditation and self-improvement has taught her to be super-comfortable with her weight and proportions.

Remington is a chubby girl with big breasts, a firm behind, and thick thighs. She weighs around 44 kilograms and is made out of TPE material making her skin soft and smooth to the touch.

She has a vaginal, anal, and oral opening that can accommodate up to 7 inches in length.

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Life Size Anime Sex Doll Gillian 165cm (5’5)

Meet the legendary YoRHa No.2 Type B, the protagonist android that serves to defeat the alien invaders on the planet in NieR: Automata – the game.

Well, Gillian happens to be the day name she uses when she’s not on a quest to save the planet on behalf of the surviving humans.

She’s also much less dangerous without her equipment and she yearns for a man that can understand and cherish her vulnerability.

Gillian is a stunning doll with long legs that put runway models to shame, a slender body, a tight little waist, and surprisingly large breasts that she skillfully hides under her battle uniform.

She is made out of TPE materials which makes her feel soft and realistic and she has a vaginal, anal, and oral opening that can accommodate up to 6.5 inches of length.

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Asian Sexy Office Realistic Sex Doll Quinn 165cm (5’5)

Quinn is your regular office girl with a slight twist. She knows damn well that she’s hot and wanted, so she’s not ashamed of coming to work wearing revealing clothes.

She knows she ain’t going nowhere and that besides the boss not being able to take his eyes off her, she is also the subject of all her colleagues’ sexual fantasies.

Really she serves more as a distraction than a girl who actually does anything at the office but the boss cannot fire her because the place would feel dull and empty without her.

Quinn is a beautiful young lady with large breasts and soft, pale skin. She has a cute little face and kissable red lips. She is made out of TPE material, which makes her skin feel soft and ultra-realistic.

She has three openings including her vagina, anus, and mouth where she often enjoys accommodating more than one man at the same time.

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Young Woman Sex Doll Glinda 158cm (5’2)

Glinda is a marketing expert and an online content creator that uses a variety of different platforms to teach her audience about marketing skills and tricks you need to know before jumping into the game.

Glinda seems like a shy girl but she happens to be skillful in more than just marketing and creating content. Secretly she likes to meet with different people and experiment with different aspects of her sexuality.

This helps her figure out what she likes and what isn’t her cup of tea.

Besides being a secret slut, Glinda is a very polite young woman and you could say she has a rather submissive side to her.

She is made out of TPE material which makes her skin feel incredibly soft and realistic. She has small, perky breasts that perfectly fit her slender body frame without drawing too much attention to them.

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Catwomen Cosplay Sex Doll Brielle 158cm (5’2)

Brielle is a young attractive Japanese cosplayer who was introduced to the art of cosplaying in her teenage years but this addictive habit of constantly changing into different characters remained a huge part of her adult life.

Brielle’s favorite role to play is a cute Catwoman because she enjoys the soft, fuzzy feeling of the ears and tail. Besides that, she likes to switch things up and is always on the lookout for a cute bell collar to complete her creative looks.

Her favorite color is pink which is why she tends to dress up as a pink cat, but she isn’t opposed to wearing a more dominant color for special occasions.

Brielle is made out of TPE which makes her skin incredibly soft and realistic to the touch. She also has a metal skeleton underneath the skin that helps her remain flexible and posable.

She has a beautifully molded body that is adequately filled in all the right places and she does not in the slightest shy away from wearing tight and provocative clothing that hugs her perfect figure.

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Young Japanese Girl Willia 158cm (5’2)

Willia is a super-organized young Japanese woman who enjoys her daily job as a personal assistant. Her greatest pleasure is sorting out files, filling in important documents, and keeping track of everything around the office.

However, this busy life sometimes takes a toll on our sweet Willia and this nearly forces her to go out and seek fun on nights when she yearns for company.

Willia’s type is tall older men that, like her, know what they want in life and aren’t afraid to get it. She enjoys being manhandled in many wild positions and she has a talent for making men climax more than once.

Willia is made out of TPE material which is why her plump breasts are so soft, jiggly, and realistic. She has a vaginal, anal, and oral opening that you can enjoy at any given moment.

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Romantic Sex Doll Kellye 158cm (5’2)

Kellye is a cute-looking teenage girl that volunteers at the daycare center. She likes pastel colors, plush toys, drinking tea, and delicious meals.

In her free time, she enjoys meeting her friends and spending time with her family. However, she is also a romantic at heart and hasn’t found the one yet, although she wants to commit herself to the role of traditional housewife fully.

Kellye is extremely gentle and she wears her heart at her sleeve so it is best to not mess around with her if you plan on breaking her heart.
She is looking for a serious and meaningful relationship rather than a one night stand.

Kellye is made out of TPE material and she has a stunningly slender and gentle body with rather large and tender breasts that she skillfully hides under her conservative clothing.

She also has vaginal, anal, and oral openings that she would happily give to the right person.

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Mature Realistic Female Sex Doll Avery 158cm (5’2)

Avery may just be the naughtiest girl on our list. Although she has an angelic and innocent-looking face, don’t let this fool you.

Avery is a diagnosed sex addict. She enjoys touching herself to the point where she has to do it daily. She prefers rubbing one out before heading to work but she’s not opposed to having a naughty session in the toilet during her lunch break.

Avery is made out of TPE material and she has a perfect hourglass figure which is a combination of feminine and slender but also a handful in all the right places.

She is a freak in the sheets and enjoys all the wildest positions. Her metal skeleton allows for her full flexibility so that you can use her body as you wish.

Avery will happily accommodate you in her vaginal, anal, and oral opening all of which can receive up to 6 inches of length.

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Japanese Cute Sex Doll Austyn 156cm (5’1)

Here we have another busty cosplayer that enjoys dressing up as a seductive bunny and taking on a submissive role in the bedroom.

Austyn is a young woman with an insatiable desire for passion and romance. Her ideal type is a strong, passionate man who knows how to handle her gentle body.

She enjoys a firm touch and especially loves it when her massive breasts are being caressed, sucked on, and cherished.

Austyn is made out of TPE material which makes her skin incredibly soft and realistic. Her jiggly boobs are definitely gonna make you want to fulfill Austyn’s sexual fantasy.

She is also super flexible and open to experimenting with new and exciting sexual positions. She is very likely to take your lead and follow through with making all your dreams a vivid reality.

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Japanese Sex Doll Tinsley 150cm (4’9)

Tinsley is a soft and gentle Japanese teenager who has a few rather dirty tricks up her sleeve that help her earn good grades and other school merits.

She enjoys listening to loud music, experimenting with different hair colors, applying makeup, and meeting guys for one night stands.
Tinsley knows she’s too young to commit to one person but this doesn’t stop her from hooking up and experimenting with her sexuality.

She is made out of soft TPE material that makes her jiggly breasts unbelievably soft and realistic and she also happily lets men use her three available holes for fun and pleasure.

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