Top 10 Silicone Sex Dolls in 2021

Modern sex dolls are made out of durable, high-quality materials that don’t get damaged easily and can remain intact after years of frequent use.

Modern sex dolls have a metal skeleton, movable joints made out of steel, and skin made out of materials such as silicone and TPE to give you that incredibly realistic feeling.

Sex dolls made out of silicone are a little different than TPE, and besides being usually pricier, they are also held to a higher standard.

Silicones are elastomeric materials that are body-safe and easy to clean and disinfect, so they are favored by manufacturers of sex toys and sex dolls.

Besides that, silicones have excellent heat resistance, meaning they can endure higher temperatures with a lower risk of getting damaged or melting.

This is not to say that a TPE doll will literally melt if left on the sun, but there may be more prominent damage with it than a silicone sex doll.

Additionally, silicone sex dolls are sturdier and usually heavier than TPE but still look and feel incredibly realistic.

This article will share our picks of the top 10 silicone sex dolls in 2021 you should keep your eyes open for. Let’s begin.

Daisy, 165 cm (5’4)

Daisy is our innocent-looking Native girl with B-cup breasts, a tight butt, and long braided hair. Her pale and delicate skin shines bright like a diamond while tempting you to gently touch and caress her all night long.

Dais measures at only 5’4 height and she weighs only 23 kg, which makes her more accessible even for someone who cannot lift very heavy.

She is made out of medical-grade silicone material and has a tight butt that you can grab onto while riding her the way you want.

Daisy loves getting romped in any position, and she is more than happy to take it in both her tight bum and vagina. Her vaginal depth can accommodate up to 7 inches of length, while her anal opening can take up to 6.5 inches.

Everlee, 161 cm (5’2)

Everlee is the sleepyhead of our little Silicone doll family. She more than rightfully deserves that nickname, given that she is always sleeping around, and you will never catch her with her eyes open.

Everlee is made out of platinum silicone, and she is designed to make all your wildest sexual fantasies come to life, even while she’s asleep.

Especially while she’s asleep because she is also known to do a lot of sleep-walking during the night, meaning you will always get some with her, and she won’t even try to stop you.

Everlee is very flexible due to the resilient metal skeleton underneath her soft skin and allows her to be moved around and positioned in various positions.

She will happily take you in her mouth, vagina, and butt, all of which have the approximate depth of 7 inches.

Angelica, 161 cm (5’2)

Angelica is a classy mature lady of Chinese origin that likes to travel the world and frequently visits new and exotic places.

Angelica is designed in an intricate way that everything about her invites you in.

From the way she looks, sits, the way she dresses, and even the way she does her hair and makeup in such a classy and complementary way to suit her gentle face.

It’s not a surprise that men who aren’t into mature ladies immediately have a change of heart when seeing this classy icon.

Angelica is made out of silky smooth platinum silicone, and she has a petite, slim body, perky round breasts, and most importantly – a desire to explore young men.

She has three different openings that can accommodate you and a couple of your friends if that’s what you’re into.

Her neatly trimmed vagina can accommodate up to 7 inches of length, while her anal and oral opening are welcoming of another 6 inches.

Mariam, 158 cm (5’1)

Mariam is our water-loving, aquatic beauty we jokingly refer to as a marine creature. She is a lover of the outdoors, and she spends every moment of her free time diving, surfing, or just simply soaking all the vitamin D the sun has to offer.

Mariam is a sporty lady, and when she’s not spending her time underwater, she also enjoys hitting the gym, which is an activity she tributes to her tight abs and toned bum.

Our mermaid here is made out of high-grade silicone material and under her skin lies a metal skeleton that allows her to be flexible and fully posable.

Mariam has an anal, vaginal, and oral opening, all ready to accommodate up to 7 inches of length. She is 5’1 tall and weighs approximately 31 kilograms.

Space Lady Megan, 158 (5’1)

Space Lady Megan is our stylish girl that’s always ready for partying and dressing up like she’s about to stop at a rave at any given moment.

Megan is the ultra-modern new age girl who likes glitters and neon, and she’s not afraid to wear revealing outfits that show more than you bargained for even on your first date.

Besides that, Megan is an avid cosplayer and she likes anything that has to do with guns, chasing, and action.

She is made out of high-grade silicone, which allows her gellish, B-cup perky breasts to jiggle and feel more real than the real thing. She also weighs around 30 kilograms.

Megan has a vaginal, anal, and oral opening that can accommodate up to 6 inches of length.

Lauren, 155 cm (5′)

Lauren is our shy and gentle princess that doesn’t talk much and tends to keep to herself most of the time. However, being a hopeless romantic at heart, she truly craves a romantic relationship filled with love and care.

Lauren is also a dreamer, and you can tell this by looking at the way she keeps her eyes closed, constantly daydreaming about meeting her Prince Charming.

She is made out of silicone, and she has pale, soft skin and a well-formed body that’s adequately filled up in all the right places.

Her total weight measures 25 kilograms, and she is a petite lady whose height is only 5 feet.

Lauren has three openings craving to be used by one or more people at the same time. Her vagina and butt can accommodate up to 7 inches of length, while her tiny mouth can receive a total of 5 inches.

Adelina, 155 cm (5′)

Adelina is our pink-haired cutie pie with an irresistibly beautiful face and mesmerizing turquoise eyes that anybody can’t ignore.

She loves music, and you will most likely find her in some corner with her headphones on her head and deep in her thought.

She also loves wearing revealing tops and very short skirts as she is well aware of how desirable and irresistible her voluptuous body is and has no problem showing it.

Adelina is made out of high-grade silicone, and she has a metal skeleton laying underneath to help keep her flexible and fully posable.

She weighs around 32 kilograms, but she is only 5 feet tall. She loves having fun and exploring the sexual fantasies of both young and older men.

Adelina has three available holes waiting to be used. Her vaginal opening can accommodate around 7 inches of length, while her butt and mouth can take around 5 inches of length each.

Playboy Bunny Oaklynn, 155 cm (5′)

Playboy Bunny Oaklynn is a plump and squishy girl who loves doing roleplay. Sometimes she enjoys being a bunny, other times, she likes to roleplay as a kitten, but one thing is certain – she will always fully submit to your desires.

Oaklynn’s graceful figure is visually pleasing, and she has quite a handful of breasts and bum while her waist and legs are thin and feminine.

She is made out of medical-grade silicone, and she also has a metal skeleton that helps with her flexibility so that you can enjoy a variety of positions with her.

Oaklynn has three openings to be used at will. Her vaginal opening can accommodate up to 7 inches of length, while her oral and anal openings can take up to 5 inches.

Elliott, 146 cm (4’7)

Elliott is a petite beauty whose curviness doesn’t go unnoticed whenever anyone lays eyes upon her. Although small and shy-looking, Elliott is more of a woman than many real-life women you probably know.

Her glorious, curvaceous body is nicely filled in all the right places and to say that you will have your hands full while riding her is an understatement.

Elliott is made out of medical-grade silicone, and like all our dolls, she also has a metal skeleton under the surface that’s helping her remain flexible and not budge during most vigorous pounding.

Kaliyah, 146 cm (4’7)

Kaliyah is yet another party animal of the family, and she would rather spend her time out and about partying than studying or hanging out with boring people.

Kaliyah enjoys adventures, expensive clothing, fast cars, and masculine men. She isn’t afraid to shed her clothes even after the first date because she knows what she wants and is not afraid to grasp it.

Kaliyah has a petite body, but her huge breasts make up for her being tiny. They are, after all, what everyone stares at the moment they meet Kaliyah.

She is made out of medical-grade silicone, and she is quite a flexible doll that enjoys various and rather unusual sexual positions.


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