How to choose the best sex doll shop

The sex doll industry is almost an entirely online shopping industry and thanks to the proliferation of the internet, one can easily buy a life-size sex doll while sitting at home. However, along with the convenience and simplicity, online shopping for sex dolls carries with it a hoard of challenges. Many get-rich-quick swindlers have already penetrated the market to exploit the growing demand for sex dolls and scam customers. What’s more, these scammers are present on even the most popular online shopping brands such as Amazon and Ali Express. The newcomers and first-time buyers are more prone to these scammers. That’s why we are here with a set of comprehensive guidelines that will help buyers choose the best sex doll shop and avoid sex doll scams.

What to Look for in a Sex Doll Shop

Below are some of the key points one should bear in mind while buying high-quality sex dolls online.

1. Determine the reliability of the Website

The most important part of online selling is ascertaining the legitimacy of the seller – and the best way to do that is by assessing the outlook of the website. A few answers that can help you probe the reliability of a platform are:

  • The website/platform should contain clear information and high-resolution images of the sex dolls. If images are vague or distorted – or worse, contain the watermarks of some other platform – then that’s a big signal to refrain from buying from it.
  • Additionally, the information about every sex doll should be precise and related to the product. Most scam sites shave conflicting descriptions of the product or have the same description for almost all sex dolls. Make sure the information about the product should be authentic.
  • Also, the address should be encrypted and secured. The websites having HTTPS URL address encrypt your data from third-party interception.

2. Evaluate Customer Feedback/Reviews

Firstly, check the reviews and comments on the website. A few unhappy customers are OK but the percentage of happy customers should be more than the dissatisfied ones. You have to remember that many sellers are bent on buying fake reviews to deceive the customers into buying the fake or substandard product. 
Secondly, you need to Google search the company’s name and see what shows up. Pay attention to the opinions/comments and product reviews of the past customer on other sites as some platforms effectively block unsatisfied customers – or delete their reviews. 
Similarly, you have to analyze the authenticity and correctness of the description of the sex doll in the reviews and as communicated by the seller. Any discrepancies in the information should be a RED LIGHT.

3. Complete Product Description

Life-sized sex dolls come in a wide range of shapes, types, weights, and materials used, and buying one of them is a highly personalized choice – that depends on one’s sexual desires and preferences. That’s why you need to carry out background research beforehand on the specific sex doll you want to buy and tailor your expectations on what is acceptable and what’s not accordingly.

When evaluating the product on the platform/shop, appraise the product’s weight, size, dimensions, height, and other needed specifications. Feel free to ask the seller about any additional information that isn’t covered in the description. The tone of the seller’s response would tell a lot about the credibility of the store. Never buy the product if the seller is providing incomplete information or fails to appropriately clarify your concerns.

4. Price Comparison

Background research of the product also helps you get a rough idea of the price of the sex doll that you wish to purchase. You can compare the price range on the seller’s website to get a clue about what is acceptable and what’s too good to be true. A scammer generally tends to sell the product at a well-below market price – often at half the price of the original product which is a BIG RED FLAG. Also, if the quoted price is significantly above the market price – RUN.

Once the price is in the acceptable range, you can reduce the price based on your bargaining skills. Bottom line is, never settle for too good to be true price or too high prices and you ensure it by doing background research on the product. Taking quotes from 2-3 sellers will also minimize the chances of you getting robbed by scammers.    

But remember, never compromise on the quality of the product while trying to bargain for or reduce the price.

5. Privacy Protection Standard

Owning a sex doll is a highly personalized choice and most users are very apprehensive of their privacy. The very purpose of online shopping is to keep the transactions private and confidential. Instances of data leaking and data stolen are not uncommon in the world of online shopping. So, it’s vital to confirm beforehand that your personal data will be encrypted and the website or any third-party will not access and use your information for other purposes.

The best way to do so is by analyzing the URL address of the website. If the URL starts with “http” instead of “https” then your data isn’t safe, as “s” stands for secure. Also, you can check the privacy policy of the website which should categorically state that your data won’t be used by the website or any third-party for other purposes. Lastly, your credit card can show the authenticity of a website in a few cases. Then protected sites are shown in Green while the unprotected ones in Red.

6. Evaluate the Efficiency of Customer Support Service

A reliable store/shop always provides prompt and efficient customer service to the customers. Regardless of the nature of the query, an authentic seller always clears up all the questions of the potential customer on the subject.

So, to be on the safe side, you have to confirm the genuineness of the shop by contacting the seller and assess their online customer service support. Most sellers offer you the options to call, send email, or have direct chat with them. Select a mode of your choosing and get in contact with them. Ask a few random questions and check their response. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional information – and especially the one that hasn’t been addressed on the website.

Another important tip is to ask about various aspects of the sex doll that is already on the website as a way to counter-check to establish whether the seller knows what’s on the website. A reliable seller knows everything about sex dolls and particularly what’s already posted on the website.

7.Encryption of the Payment Methods

The most critical part of buying a sex doll online is the mode of payments – and that’s where scammers are most interested in. Once you have gone through all the above steps and finalized a sex doll that you can’t wait to buy and have a bed with, ask the seller about the acceptable money payment methods and choose the safest one. Also, make sure the chosen mode of transaction is secure and keeps your information confidential.

Most legit sellers tend to accept payment for PayPal and Credit cards – as both methods provide a recovery method if things go south. But its worth-mentioning that PayPal does not support the sale of sex dolls under 140cm on the website. So, if there are sex dolls under 140cm on the website, you have to rely on other methods.

Bear in mind that payment method is the hotspot of every online scammer and a credible seller will always offer a variety of payment methods – considering the diverse requirements of the customers. If someone bents on accepting only a selected method – and that too, unreliable – then think twice before sending the money. Before making the payment, ensure that the quality of the sex doll consummates the asking price.

8.Beware of the Scammers on Ali Express, Amazon, etc.

Many sex doll buyers are scammed by fake sellers on these international online shopping platforms. Just because they’re on such popular platforms doesn’t make them authentic – and that’s where many people are deceived. Amazon and Ali Express don’t have a strict system to assess the credibility of new sellers. Almost anyone can register and start selling products through these platforms.  

That’s why it’s recommended to evaluate the selling history of the buyer before finalizing a purchase. The buyers having little to no sale history, no trusted reviews, or who got listed recently should be avoided at all costs. How often do we see the complaints of the seller “Missing In Action” after selling the fake or substandard product to the customers? The answer is – TOO OFTEN to keep a count.


To sum it all, every process that involves the transfer of money can be a victim of scammers. The same goes for the sex doll industry that’s entirely an online affair. However, you can minimize the risk of getting scammed by doing your background research on the seller and the sex doll you wish to purchase.  Lookup for customer feedback/reviews and recommendations from past customers and always make a call to the seller and ask various questions pertaining to the product.

An authentic seller would be more than happy to answer all your queries. Lastly, select the safest method of payment for the sex doll – most preferably PayPal or credit card. Your deal should be realistic i.e., it shouldn’t be over-expensive or too cheap. By boning up on the above advice, you limit the risk of getting scammed or buying a substandard doll that you regret later on.   

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