A Romantic Stay in Hotel Room with BDSM Sex Doll Tina

Jeff received an email few days ago before their last official visit to San Francisco to confirm his availability. He was excited about it because Jeff finally got a chance to have that sexy chic with him on a visit to another city. The next day he got an even exciting news that she will have to assist him during the trip and stay with together in the same hotel. That’s when he started to believe ‘dreams come true’.

Jeff called Tina in the evening to discuss and plan the trip and they scheduled everything in the next few days. Finally, they were in San Francisco and but she knew his intentions long before he could express it to her. Late at night, Jeff decided to go to her room and as he entered, she was sitting half naked in her nighty in that luxurious bed. She looked sizzling with huge figure and sexiest legs. He could barely imagine any other person with such an attractive power.

Before he could say anything else, he saw a rope in bed next to her. He could not express the feelings he had because she also had the same intentions. This BDSM rope and her eyes told the story of a wild adventure she had planned earlier than him.

Jeff now had the confidence to move forward and hold her chin. As Jeff lifted her chin up, Tina started to grab his dick by placing her hand over his pants. He got a sudden erection and she looked into his eyes.

The vibes of revealing dress made him feel the moment. He picked the rope up, and dragged her with this rope by her neck. She started giving him reasons to proceed.

She then walked away and went to sit on the bench next to the wash room. She sat there quietly waiting for him passionately. That’s why he tied her in the best possible way. Her seductive big breasts were now hanging naked. He felt a fire inside his nerves and he could no more handle himself.

She was getting impatient with every passing second. Tied with that rope and looking at him, she was asking him to come close to her and make the love he had always fantasized. She was quite eager so she lied down on the bench to make it easier for Jeff to approach her. Now Jeff came forward and started rubbing his dick on her thighs.

He had a solid rock erection now and Tina loved it. She was well tied BDSM sex doll offering everything Jeff wanted at the moment. The looks and charm of this bodacious sex doll made him feel her warmth and proceed to enjoy the loveliest and most wild moments with her. Now, he stepped forward and started rubbing his cock on her breasts. These lovely breasts with brown juicy nipples are perfect sucking spots for every man out there.

Now he wanted to go for every dirty thought and every fantasy that he ever had about her. He finally placed his cock on her lips. She enjoys it and opens up her mouth to take that big cock inside. This huge cock found the perfect mouth ever with pout lips and what else could he ask for? He was now engaging with her in the most intimate and desirable way. Trying hard to fulfill the desires of himself as well as satisfy Tina. She was in perfect mood to make this evening memorable for the rest of their lives.

His fantasies found real ground and he was enjoying the best moments of his life with such an incredible beauty. She was probably enjoying more and that’s why she adjusted herself in an upside down position on the bench with her head lower to properly adjust in perfect position. She was trying to facilitate Jeff in every way possible to give him the necessary confidence so he could do better. She knew how to trigger a man to the best of his potential so he no longer has control over his nerves.

She continues to acquire different positions as a BDSM Sex Doll to let her master enjoy all the different positions with extreme levels of pleasure. This time Jeff had tied her hands and feet to the back. She then bends on her face down on the bench and takes that big cock in her mouth which her breasts were pressing against the surface of the bench. This intimacy is taking their pleasure to new heights.

When Jeff enjoyed this for certain period of time, he untied her and Tina moved to the bath tub. She took that white towel and sat there on the brink looking eagerly at Jeff.

She then tries to seduce him with different gestures and positions. She then tries to apply the lotions and soaps on her body in an attempt to attract Jeff for more. She turns her back to Jeff and that puts him on fire because her wide big buttocks and narrow lumber area is seducing.

This move attracted Jeff and he comes forward for a while and stands behind her. She feels his presence behind her.

She pushes herself in water and starts applying soap on her body and slowly squeezes her body parts to put the instincts of Jeff on fire. Then turns and gives him a sizzling look from the bath tub.

This is when she comes to the corner of the tub and lifts her body up to pose that she is waiting for him. She stays there for a while fixing her mouth in a position that she is ready for another blowjob. This time, all her body is wet with soap applied on her buttocks. How long do you think Jeff could wait and look at her.

Now is the high time for Jeff and he can’t hold himself back. He moves forward and comes close to her. He now has every reason to exercise the lustful adventure and go beyond the usual limits. He simply unzips himself and sticks his cock out of his pants.

He comes close to her and places his solid rock cock on the lips of his darling. This marvelous beauty takes his cock with sheer love and rubs it so hard that he can no longer sustain the pleasure. It was a wild moment for both of them because there was no one around and they lived ages of their life in these short moments.

he managed to give him the pleasure and lust he could only have imagined during these times. This experiece changed the relation of Jeff and Tina for the rest of their lives. They were feeling for each other with an even intense desire. Now they were not just colleagues but so much more than that and planned so many tours in their mind secretly. They developed a sepcial connection which can garner their desires and make them experience the intimacy of their life. They were still enjoying those lovely moments. Jeff was rubbing his cock agianst her lips and she was never letting him go.

When they enjoyed for a decent amount of time, Jeff finally stepped back. He now had everything he ever imagined in his life. The relaxation was now going through the nerves of both of them after such an amazing encounter. They wanted the official tour to last for more than that but they had no choice. A tour that changed them forever and they promised many more to each other. Now, every time they discuss any official agenda, they will have different hormones circulate in their veins.

Tina went straight into the washroom after relaxing for a while to take a shower and enjoy the ecstasy she now had in her soul. She sat on the ground of washroom with water showering on her sexiest body.

She was still looking at him in the eyes. Now she opens her feet wide and one could see the sizzling beauty of her body. This time the lovely soft vagina was easily visible. One can imagine the comfort and pleasure that rests in this soft and deep vagina. Tina had nice and round boobs hanging down on her chest. They are heavy with soft juicy nipples.

She turned around and now the loveliest buttocks were visible. They were rounded, bulging and curvy. This carried the beauty of her body on. No one had ever seen such an incredible beauty in the shower posing around naked. Now Tina was done with the shower and wanted to relax for some time. She did not want to leave the washroom and therefore laid on the floor. She relaxed there for a decent amount of time chatting to Jeff. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of her life.

Tina enjoyed the evening and wished for many more to come. She confessed to Jeff that it was the loveliest evening of her life.


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