What is the difference between a solid chest, a hollow chest, and a gel-filled chest?

Do you know lifelike sex dolls have different types of chests? If you’re planning to buy a sex doll but don’t know which breast option to go for, then this guide is all you need to make an informed decision.

The main reason why sex dolls have taken the sex industry by storm is the degree of semblance to real women they offer. Every single feature of these dolls is designed to imitate real women and make the owner enjoy what it feels like to have sex with the Lady of his dreams – and sex doll breasts are one of them. men are always attracted to Ladys having attractive breasts and unsurprisingly, sex dolls offer all the pleasure and fetish you dream about the breasts of your favorite woman.

Let us discuss the main types of sex doll chests and what is the difference between them.

Types of Sex Doll Breasts

Sex dolls come in a wide variety of shapes and designs and choosing the perfect doll can be a daunting task. At present, there are three different types of sex doll breasts, namely:

  • Solid Chest
  • Hollow Chest
  • Gel-filled Chest

We will take a detailed look at each type along with discussing its pros and cons.

1. Solid Chest

Also known as Standard chest, this type of chest is filled with the material your sex doll is made of – either Silicone or TPE material. Just like how the breasts of a real woman feel, the standard chest is perky and firm and has a certain bounce and softness that always triggers your sexual intimacy. Note that the quality of the Silicone or TPE material decides the degree of perkiness and softness of the breast.

These breasts are not as realistic as hollow breasts but still provide realistic feelings if you have bought a high-quality sex doll. Since they are cheaper than hollow chests and as they are realistic enough, many sex doll lovers prefer not to upgrade them to save money. For many people, boobs are the biggest sexual trigger and if you are one of those people, then a solid chest might not be a good option for you. Especially, these boobs don’t wobble much during sexual intercourse, which is a big turn-off for many.

Usually, doll owners having a middle-range budget go for Solid chest and if don’t feel enough sexual pleasure, they always have an option to upgrade it.

Pros of Solid Chest   

  • A solid chest is soft and realistic and can provide you enough firmness that you expect from a sex doll chest. However, the quality of the Silicone or TPE will decide the degree of perkiness of these breasts.
  • They are less expensive than the hollow chest.
  • They are less saggy or at times, which is a both pro and con depending on the sexual preferences of the owner.

Cons of Solid Chest

  • As the name indicates, they are harder than hollow breasts don’t wobble during sexual intercourse which is can be disappointing.
  • Not as soft and bouncy as other types of breasts.

2. Hollow Breasts

If you’re a guy who has a thing for a bouncy and firm pair of boobs then, hollow breasts might be the perfect option for you. Hollow breasts, just as their name indicates, are hollow from the inside which makes them super soft and saggy. Unlike solid gel-filled chests, they are filled with air inside are exceptionally giggly and bouncy. Just imagine pounding a Lady from behind with her boobs flapping; you can turn your dream into reality by owning a sex doll of a hollow chest.

Hollow breasts are the most realistic type of sex doll chest and if you want to have ultra-realistic feelings, go for hollow chest. Most BBW sex dolls come with hollow chests and because of the filled air, they are significantly lighter.

These breasts, on average, are significantly costlier than solid chests and most brands of high-end Silicone or TPE sex dolls manufacture hollow chests. If you have already bought a sex doll with having solid chest or gel-filled chest, then you can upgrade it to a hollow chest whenever you want as most of the latest sex dolls come with customizable options. What’s best is the up-gradation cost is not that higher and it’s worth it.

Pros of Hollow Breasts

  • They bounce a lot which is a huge fetish for many people. You can play with them, use them as a soft pillow, or watch them bounce while you go doggy on her.
  • Hollow breasts feel ultra-realistic. Touch them with your eyes closed and you won’t be able to judge if you’re caressing a sex doll or a real woman. Soft boobs, for many sex doll lovers, are what makes them sexually triggered. So, if you are a guy who loves foreplay before and during sex, buy this type of breasts.
  • Hollow breasts are light-weight and decrease the overall weight of the doll. This comes in handy while moving the doll or trying sexual positions that require you to lift your cute little partner.
  • They are soft and springy and jiggle a lot, you can easily shake them and have fun while bedding with her.
  • Hollow chest is the most popular type of sex doll breast and most high-end sex doll manufacturers use them. They are also in high demand as people love to buy soft and saggy breasts. Usually, the website mentions specifically if the sex doll chest is hollow or solid.

Cons of Hollow Breasts

  • They are quite expensive than the solid chest. Not every sex doll lover can afford to pay the up-gradation costs.
  • Due to the lightweight, the hollow breasts are more prone to tear. Remember that Silicone or TPE material doesn’t tear easily, so don’t overthink this risk.

3. Gel-Filled Breasts

When it comes to the best type of sex doll breasts, gel-filled chest stands out from the rest of the types. It is not too soft like a hollow chest not too firm like solid beasts. The manufacturers make sure the gel-filled breasts are the perfect middle ground and closely imitate the movement of a real breast. They are softer than the standard breast option and more firm and perky than the hollow breasts, making them behave and feel like the breasts of a real human.

Thanks to their ultra-realistic feel and movement, they are worth the up-gradation to get the best possible lifelike sex doll breasts. These breasts are the latest type of sex doll chest with manufacturers using advanced tech to make them appear like the chest of your dream woman. However, with great pleasure comes great expenditure. Unsurprisingly, a gel-filled chest is expensive than the other two types of sex doll chest – hollow chest and solid chest.

Pros of Gel-Filled Breasts

  • They offer the best possible realistic experience one can possibly get from a lifelike sex doll. The gel used in the breasts is of super-high quality and it makes them look bigger and bustier – like the pair you have always dreamt of.
  • They are firm and soft to a degree that perfectly imitates the movement and shape of a real breast.

Cons of Gel-Filled Breasts

  • A gel-filled chest is expensive and you have to pay more. However, the up-gradation cost is just $100 to $150 and that’s a good bargain when you consider the degree of pleasure they offer.
  • Not many brands provide gel-filled breasts since they are new in the market. Sometimes, the buyers have to specifically ask the sex doll manufacturer to incorporate the gel-filled breasts in their favorite doll.

How To Choose?

Now, the million-dollar question is how to choose between the three types of sex doll chests? The answer depends on your sexual preference and how much you’re willing to spend on the sex doll breasts. If your budget allows and you’re into soft and firm breasts, then choose either hollow chest or gel-filled chest. The latter is going to cost a couple of hundred dollars more.

But if have a tight budget, then the standard breasts option is an ideal choice. Note that, most websites and sex doll manufacturers still sell standard breasts and you can get from them everything you expect in a sex doll breasts. What’s best is you always have an option for upgradation if you’re satisfied with the type of sex doll breasts you have.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand the difference between the three most popular types of sex doll chests. Choose which sex doll breasts the best suit your needs and make a decision accordingly.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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