For Oral Sex Experts: Choosing the Right Sex Doll Material for You

You must be wondering if sex dolls can perform oral sex and what it feels like. Well, this article is written to provide you with a comprehensive answer.

Firstly, the answer is not straightforward as sex dolls come in different materials, each with their unique features. Let’s explore the differences that different sex doll materials make:

  1. TPE Head
  2. Regular Silicone Head
  3. Soft Silicone Head


  1. TPE sex dolls can perform oral sex. TPE material is highly elastic, and during the molding process, the factory creates a structure with an oral cavity, enabling the doll to perform oral sex. The depth of the oral cavity typically patterns from 10-13cm and can be viewed on the sex doll’s product page. The oral cavity also has patterns that provide a better experience. There are generally two types of patterns: stripes or raised dots, which vary depending on the manufacturer. For a more realistic experience, you can also choose to add a tongue or detachable tongue to your sex doll, giving you a more immersive experience.

  1. Regular silicone sex dolls cannot perform oral sex. The factory does not create an oral cavity structure on the mold, and the mouth is always closed. Some silicone heads may have a slightly opened mouth for some facial expressions, but it cannot be adjusted to mimic an open or closed mouth. Even if you cut open the doll’s mouth, the material lacks the required elasticity to perform oral sex.
  2. Soft silicone sex dolls are relatively new and unique in terms of material. They are designed for those who prefer a delicate appearance but also desire the ability to perform oral sex. Soft silicone heads not only support oral sex but also have a paid option for a movable jaw. Only a few manufacturers can provide this option, such as FJ Doll and SY Doll. With a movable jaw, you can control the doll’s mouth opening, providing a more realistic expression.

(From left to right, they are hard silicone head, soft silicone head with a movable chin, soft silicone head with a movable chin and extra softness, and a regular soft silicone head.)


TPE and soft silicone heads are great for oral sex with a snug fit that feels just right. The depth of the oral cavity is typically between 10-13cm, which is also just right. However, if you happen to be packing an extra long johnson, you might have trouble getting it all the way in. Hard silicone heads, on the other hand, are too firm for oral sex – you might as well be trying to deepthroat a brick. But the real MVP here is the soft silicone head with a movable jaw. You can adjust the doll’s chin to your liking and even get it to make different expressions. It’s like having a custom-built blowjob machine that’s also great at emoting.

It is worth noting that before performing oral sex, you should always use enough lubricant to achieve the desired lubrication effect.

Did this article answer your questions? If you still have any doubts or questions about sex dolls and oral sex, please leave a comment, and we will find an answer for you.

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