How To Use A Sex Doll For Oral Sex

Owning a sex doll comes with quite a few advantages, and one of these is being able to use every available hole for your pleasure.

When it comes to sex dolls, of course, they will never say no to you, and you can push it as deep as you possibly can without hearing them complain about anything.

But besides that, you must know how to properly enjoy these advantages without the potential risk of damaging your sex doll in any way or, even worse – hurting yourself or having to experience an unpleasant sensation in any step of the way.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to use a sex doll for oral sex particularly, and we will touch upon more than a few things you need to consider from the moment you decide to buy yourself a brand new sex doll up to actually using her in all the ways you see fit.

And without any further ado, let’s jump right into the first important thing you need to do when buying yourself a blowjob queen.

Customize Your Doll

Customization is one of the most important things when it comes to buying your first sex doll. You want to make sure that everything is according to your taste; therefore, this is not a process you want to rush.

When searching for the one, you need to focus on the details and start by customizing the skin tone you find attractive, the hairstyle and color, eye color, eye shape, lip color, lip shape, and other general face features, body types, etc.

But besides that, make sure to also pay attention to the things you are going to be using most such as the doll’s orifices, including the vaginal, anal, and oral opening.

Not all dolls have all three orifices available; therefore, if you want to use all three of them, you want to make sure the doll has them.

Oral openings happen to be the ones that are less frequently available compared to anal and vaginal, which is why you want to make sure your doll has one if you want to get a regular blowjob.

The reason for this is that manufacturers often focus on the lip shape, and not all shapes allow for an opening.

Besides that, oral canals are often quite tricky to make and are usually made going upwards (where the brain would be) instead of downward.

Some people may find this a little frustrating and tricky to use, while others don’t see a problem with it. If that is something that personally wouldn’t bother you, make sure to add an oral orifice when customizing your sex doll.

Inspect Your Doll Before Buying

Right before clicking that buy button, you want to make sure one more time that everything is in order.

If you are not sure about something and you can’t seem to find any details on the website from where you’re buying your doll, make sure to communicate your concerns and questions with the buyer as they will surely be more than happy to assist you.

Also, if you really want that oral orifice to be able to enjoy mindblowing blowjobs and you can’t seem to find any information on whether the doll has an oral opening or not – the right thing to do is to just contact the manufacturer directly with a photo or a link to the specific doll and ask your question.

There will be nobody to help you better than the manufacturer themselves, and as a customer, you have every right to know what you’re getting for your money.

Pay Attention To Her Size And Weight

If you are someone that just enjoys getting blowjobs and other things are not the main point of your interest, you may want to consider the doll’s size and weight.

There is no point in getting a lifesize doll if you just want to use one specific opening.

Lifesized dolls can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver; therefore, you want to make sure you have the strength to carry her, change her clothes, bathe her, flip her around, and position her as you please.

This is why, if you just want to have a daily blowjob, considering buying a smaller doll may be a more practical option for you, especially if you are physically impaired or just aren’t that strong.

This may also be a more affordable option because smaller sex dolls tend to cost less but are still pleasurable enough to play with.

Inspect Your Doll When She Arrives

Once you receive your sex doll, make sure to carefully open the box and inspect her in detail.

Stretch her orifices very gently to make sure everything is in good order and that everything is just the way you wanted it to be.

Besides that, carefully inspect every area of her body to make sure there aren’t any defects.

If you are buying from a reputable seller, your sex doll will surely arrive intact; however, damages during transport (although rare) are a possibility, so you want to make sure you are eligible for replacement or a refund before using the doll.

Wash Her Oral Orifice

Before using your doll for the first time, you want to make sure her orifice is clean; therefore, you would want to either rinse her or properly wash the orifice you intend to use.

To properly wash her orifices, you will need a small bottle cleaning brush, an antibacterial cleanser, and some warm water.

Make sure not to apply too much of the antibacterial cleanser because you will spend a longer time washing her to get rid of all the foam it makes, so just a little bit is enough, and it will foam up adequately.

You want to make sure all the foam is gone and that there isn’t any residue of the cleanser left inside, as this could potentially cause skin irritations.

After you’re done, make sure to tap the excess water away gently, and she is good to go.

Use a Warming Rod

Warming rods or wands are basically warming sticks mostly used by fleshlight owners to warm up their sleeves and make their masturbation sessions more comfortable.

When purchasing a warming rod, you have to consider the material used to create your sex doll.

Let’s say that your sex doll is made out of TPE material; you should consider getting a rod that doesn’t heat up above 120°F (48°C) because anything above these numbers could potentially cause some material damage.

On the other hand, if your doll is made out of high-quality silicone, this means that she can endure slightly higher temperatures without the risk of getting damaged.

Silicone is a great insulator, which means once you warm up your doll with the warming rod, she will remain warm for a longer period of time compared to TPE.

And since standard warming rods are usually weak, they are perfect for warming up smaller areas such as the oral orifice that will make your blowjob feels significantly more pleasant.

Pick The Right Lube

Picking the right lube is especially important when you are about to have your dick sucked by a silicone or TPE sex doll.

For one, you obviously want it to feel good, and this is why the surface needs to be slippery.

Otherwise, dragging your member in and out without lubing your doll’s mouth first is just going to be a rather uncomfortable and painful experience due to the friction.

Reason two why you need to pick the right lube for oral sex with your sex doll is her skin and makeup.

Water-based lubricants are your best option for this as they are easy to wash off and don’t contain oily components that will remain “glued” on your doll’s skin, potentially degrading the material, rubbing some of her makeup off, or just smearing it around and leaving a stain.

Therefore, avoid applying silicone-based lubes, baby oils, creams, lotions, moisturizers, heavy balms, and vaseline on any area of your doll’s face and body.

Lastly, a suggestion from us would be to use a warming lube to make the experience all more pleasant.

Pick a Comfortable Position

A sex doll isn’t human; therefore, the one disadvantage to getting a blowjob from a sex doll is the lack of suction, meaning you will have to do all the work, and she is just there to look pretty.

Therefore, since the chances are that you are going to last longer than you would with a human, you probably want to pick a comfortable position that won’t make you tired and frustrated too soon.

If you like it standing up, make sure to position your sex doll carefully in front of you on her knees and gently support her head with your hands while driving yourself in and out of her mouth.

Another comfortable position is sitting on the couch or armchair while she will, again, be in front of you and on her knees.

You can also bend her forward and prep her behind against a wall so that her head comes down to the same height as your member.

And lastly, you may want to consider getting a smaller doll instead of a lifesize one so that you can maneuver her around with ease.


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