Why are sex dolls worth buying as compared to sex toys?

Sex Dolls and Sex Toys are both artificial tools used by men and women across the globe to satisfy their sexual desires. Over time, with the advancement of technology and a more busy life, these two seem to fulfil the desires of people who need sexual satisfaction. Sex dolls have really changed the attitude of people towards their life as more people who chose a sex doll for their sexual intimacies feel satisfied and enjoy their life.

Here in this analysis report we are going to discuss reasons, why a sex doll is a much better option to choose in contrast to a sex toy? Why more people should choose a sex doll instead of buying a sex toy for their sexual desires? Let’s get into the details so you can make a wise decision.

  1. Sex is not just the use of a vibrator

Sex is a complex phenomenon that requires deep affections and constant engagement with your partner and a vibrator or a sex toy is too short to fulfil this gap. A sex doll on the other hand is a complete replica of human partner that lets you enjoy realistic sex with far more possibilities than a sex toy alone can fulfil. Sex dolls can let feel the magic of relationship without forcing yourself to pursue an intense orgasm like a sex toy. You are not bound to feel the momentary pleasure rather experience the realistic scene of real partner.

  1. Romance 

Sex starts with a pleasant move of romance that sparks the inner feelings. You start off with a lovely feeling that you are interacting with your partner and enjoying the intricacies of romantic relation which allows you to feel the presence of your partner. There is a range of possibilities for you that can let you realize all the fantasies you have ever had. On the hand, a sex toy cannot give you the adventure of romance and you start to think about getting your orgasm with first move.

  1. BDSM

Some people like to have specific desires and one of them can be practicing BDSM with your partner that involve an intense form of sexual intercourse and possibly a violent form of sexual behavior. That’s when a sex doll can give you an edge and you no longer have to worry about being empty or hard on your partner. You now have your sex doll that is willing to pull out the violent master that resides inside your soul and have all the fun that you ever wanted. Be bold about your decisions and there is no grave consequence as long as this satisfies your desire. Feel that energy and do it with the best of your intentions. Now, think of the same with a sex toy and you are far from reality. You are far too limited in this case.

  1. Stress Reduction

Statistics suggest that engaging with a love doll for your sexual needs has far better impact on sexual satisfaction and stress reduction than using a toy. When there is a love doll inside the room, you feel more energized, mentally prepared and focused which gives your subconscious mind a surety and a more promising sensation. When you are having sex with a sex doll, it engages your whole body and the hormones of love and affection release like a normal sexual intercourse. This process takes your body through the whole process and each step gives you enough relaxation. This way it reduces your stress and anxiety making you feel relaxed and sexually satisfied.

  1. More than Just orgasm

Studies show that most often the use of a sex toy makes us focused on orgasm with relatively less pleasure. Most people who use sex toys are not as sexually satisfied as those using a sex doll. This is because a sex toy has very limited possibilities and our mind thinks more about orgasm rather than enjoying the whole process. While a love doll on the other hand offers a range of possibilities and the process mimics a complete sexual phenomenon. People are engages mentally as well as physically in the process and enjoy the adventure of romantic interaction rather than thinking only about orgasm. That’s the reason why more people feel relaxed and satisfied and choose a sex doll over a sex toy.

  1. Fulfills your fantasies

Fantasies are an important part of our imagination and we all think and fantasize about the spicy adventures of sex. Fantasies drive the very core of our sexual experience and we all have a motivation to experience sex in that particular fashion. This keeps our mind full of ideas and increase the intensity and thrill of our sexual intercourse. Now, how can we fulfill our fantasies with the use of a sex toy. If there is any possibility, it is far too limited to enjoy it to the full potential. You cannot go beyond your limitations when a sex toy is being used. Now consider a sex doll and you will find a range of possibilities or simply there is no limit to the possibilities that you can experience with a sex doll. You might be interested in a particular character to be in relationship with you and want to play that sex character with you at your home. Who knows ‘what are the limits of your imaginations?’ You have got to enjoy the pleasures of life in exactly the same way as a person would have with a human partner. You want to enjoy a particular position, you have got a sex doll that is perfectly capable of adapting that particular position. You want to try a range of practices during a sex drive from a gentle kiss to highly intense practices of BDSM, you have no limits to keep yourself bound. Simply dream it and have it the next moment with your busty sex doll. You are going far beyond the use of a sex toy.

  1. Sex Doll is Seductive

One of the coolest thing about our life partner is that they give powerful attractive vibes. When someone is tired of working all day long and reaches home, their mood is most often triggered by the loveliest and seductive curves of the body of their partner. This is exactly the case with a sex doll as it has a presence. You will feel somebody around you when you have a love doll at home. It inspires you time to time for that naughty adventure and release powerful body vibes that keep you motivate for hot sex. That’s where the story of attraction begins and you take enough time out to hang around with your sex doll and spend time with her in the bed. It changes the dynamics of your personality without feeling alone. Now, think of a sex toy. You only have that in mind when you are totally out of senses or see a hot chick out on the road and now you are back home frustrated. So, you have to pick that sex toy and satisfy yourself.

Highlights of the advantages of Sex Doll over a Sex Toy

  • Sex doll makes you feel and enjoy the process from top to bottom with higher satisfaction.
  • You can try to fulfil your fantasies by looking for different characters in a sex doll as compared to a sex toy.
  • If you are fond of intense sexual orientations and want to practice BDSM, you simply have a choice.
  • Sex dolls are good at giving you a company and you feel motivated and energized with their powerful seductive vibes.
  • Sex dolls have a clear advantage as they promote both physiological and psychological well-being by reducing stress, anxiety and helps you maintain a healthy hormonal balance.


You have gone through all the details in this article and you probably now have enough information to make a more informed decision about your choice. But when asked from a large population of people who bought sex toys and then switched to sex dolls about their decision, they had enough reasons and most of them are well documented in this article. A large population of people consider a sex doll is a much better decision in contrast to a sex toy because of the endless possibilities and a higher rate of satisfaction among the buyers. These surveys have been conducted over and over again in different populations and different users have had a similar response with most of them responding to prefer a sex doll over a sex toys as long as they were not limited by their budget.

If you are in the process of making a decision, we recommend you to read the article twice and see what makes you choose one over the other. You might have different reasons and a different opinion but you can tailor your decisions according to your needs and look for better suggestions as well.

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