How To Use A Sex Doll?

As human beings, we all need and deserve some love and companionship in our lives. One great way to get this is by using sex dolls. Since their inception, sex dolls have been helping people get some wholesome companionship and sexual gratification from beautiful and realistic artificial dolls. Manufacturers cleverly design sex dolls to provide a user with pleasure and excitement at their convenience, without the pressures or the emotional disadvantages that accompany relationships.

Welcome to buy hyper realistic sex doll at kanadoll. Below are some of the basics of using a sex doll:

Once you have purchased your sex doll, the first and most important step is to inspect it for any damages. Sex dolls may be expensive, high-end products but they can be damaged during delivery. You need to find out if they are faulty because many sex doll stores do not accept them once they leave the store.

Getting Ready
Just as you would with a live human being, you need to ensure that your first time with your sex doll is special. You can create a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom by dressing the doll in sexy lingerie, light some candles, and play some cool music.
To maximize the experience, you can dress your doll up in a variety of sexy costumes and outfits. It helps add to the fun and fantasy of having sex with a sex doll. You can purchase different accessories, wigs and perfumes just like you would for a special companion.

Warming Up
Once you have prepared your sex doll for a special night, you can start by warming up the doll. Since you are looking for a realistic experience, you do not want to have sex with a cold sex doll. Many sex dolls are equipped with a heating system that warms it up to realistic body temperatures.
All you need to do is just plug the doll in and let it warm. However, you should never leave your sex doll plugged in for many hours on end as it can damage your sex doll. You should also never have sex with the doll while the electrical cable is still plugged in.

Sex Act
Once you are all warmed up, you can engage in a variety of sexual acts. They include vaginal, oral, and anal sex. You can hold the doll, caress it, and try all the sexual positions that you can dream of. Vaginal sex is the most common way that people utilize sex dolls. You simply have to penetrate the sex doll and continue humping just like you would with a live human being.

The combined pressure and friction from the penetration feels amazing to a user. Do not feel shy to play out your wildest fantasies with the doll. You can also have anal sex and even threesomes with other human sexual partners as well. However, you should know that some extreme sexual behaviors could cause damage to your sex doll.

This is a more detailed introduction, including sex doll clothes, sex doll wigs, how to clean a sex doll, and how to store a sex doll. Follow our advice and you and your love doll will have a long and pleasurable relationship.

Sex Doll Clothes

Now that you have purchased your ideal sex doll, it’s time to find the right sex doll clothes that show off the best parts. Allow your imagination to run wild. You can dress your sex doll anyway you like. Pick out the hottest lingerie, a sexy French maid’s outfit, or dress your sex doll to play the role of the naughty secretary. Whatever you decide, here are some useful and helpful tips to make sure you get the sex doll clothes to fit perfectly.

  • Measure your sex doll appropriately to get the best fit in clothes. Use a tape measure and write down the dimensions of bust, waist, and hips. Use these measurements when purchasing clothes. You can also refer to the measurement data we listed for each doll.
  • Small sex dolls may be more difficult to buy suitable clothes, you may have to spend more time looking for cute sex clothes.
  • Bras are purely for sex appeal as your sex doll does not need breast support. So, do not spend money on a “good” bra. Buy what looks sexy to you.
  • Select sex doll clothes that do not fade! This is very important because you do not want dyes to change the color of your expensive and high-quality sex doll.
  • If your sex doll clothes do not fit, consider cutting and use sticky Velcro to customize the fit.

Sex Doll Wigs

Be honest; hair is sexy! When you have decided on the most beautiful sex doll clothes, you will want to make sure that you have a sex doll wig that will add even more sex appeal to your love doll. Sex doll wigs can be purchased discreetly online, or you can visit your local beauty supply store. The hair in a wig is typically real hair or synthetic, human-made hair. Real hair costs more but also is much better quality, and since it is real, it adds more of a human quality to your sex doll. We added real hair to the silicone sex dolls, they are so real. You can purchase the hair in the color you desire or have the hair dyed a custom color. Below are some additional tips for getting the perfect hairstyle and sex doll wig to fit your special doll.

  • Purchase a wig cap that is light in color and small or adjustable. The light color is less likely to fade and stain. Also, purchase bobby pins or sticky Velcro. Attach the wig cap securely to your sex doll’s head. Use the bobby pins OR the Velcro to attach the wig to the wig cap. Never use glue.
  • Brushing your sex doll’s hair is simple. First, remove the wig from your sex doll and wet the hair very lightly. Then, gently brush the hair to remove any tangles. Brush softly so that you do not pull out any unnecessary hair. It is usual for some hair to fall out, so do not be alarmed by that. When you are finished, allow the hair to air dry.
  • To wash your doll’s hair, follow these simple steps. Be sure to remove the wig from your sex doll before beginning. First, fill a sink or container full of slightly warm water. Second, add mild shampoo. Third, submerge the sex doll wig in the water and leave it for a few minutes. Fourth, remove the wig and rinse it with clean water. Fifth, pat dry the hair. Sixth, brush the hair as described above. Finally, hang the hair and allow it to dry completely.

Having Sex with a Sex Doll

This is, no doubt, the moment for which you have been waiting. You searched and found the perfect sex doll of your dreams. You selected the most sensual sex doll clothes and sex doll wigs. Now, it’s time to enjoy your love doll fully!

Vaginal Sex

Vaginal sex is the most common way to have sex with a sex doll, which comes with a very realistic and lifelike vagina. It is designed to feel like you are having sex with a real woman and to give you the utmost pleasure. You can customize a removable or fixed vagina for your sex doll. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy vaginal sex with your sex doll fully, you must review the vagina depth before ordering. This way, you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy a full and tight fix.

The act of vaginal sex is just as you would imagine. You will be able to enjoy your sex doll in any position that you like. As high-quality sex dolls are very posable, you can enjoy vagina sex is missionary, doggy style, with your sex doll on top and straddle you or whatever position makes you feel the best. There are many ways for you to enjoy having sex with a sex doll. And, it is perfectly fine to climax and finish inside your sex doll’s vagina.

Anal Sex

For many, anal sex is an ultimate fantasy. With your high quality and realistic sex doll, anal sex can be a reality anytime you like. Just as your sex doll is designed to deliver intensely pleasurable vagina sex, you can also enjoy unlimited anal sex. The sex doll is designed to give a wonderfully tight fit and will have you coming back again and again! Position your doll in whatever position excites and pleases you the most and enjoy having all your fantasies come true.

Oral Sex

Your sex doll can also give you pleasurable oral sex. Some dolls are designed with a deep throat feature where you will be able to slide into the mouth of your doll entirely and easily. You can position your doll in any position that you like and act out any oral sex fantasies that you have. Also, keep in mind as you are playing with your sex doll, the throat of the doll can be easily torn, so play gently when having sex with a sex doll orally.


No matter what position you choose or the type of sex you have, lubricant is your friend. Be sure to apply enough water-based lubricant that you move easily in and out of your sex doll. Also, lubricant that provides a heating sensation may provide you with an added level of pleasure. Be sure to read your doll’s care instructions to learn what types of lubricants are safe to use when you have sex with your sex doll.

How to Clean A Sex Doll

Know how to clean a sex doll is essential for your continued pleasure and use of the doll. Without regular and appropriate cleaning, bacteria and germs can grow on the surface and in the openings of the sex doll, and they can cause harm or illness to you and ultimately destroy the sex dolls. Therefore, you must clean your sex doll after each use. The following are helpful tips to use so you can be sure your sex doll is clean and germ-free.

  • Vaginal Irrigator. Kanadoll will attach a free vaginal cleaner to each sex doll. If your sex doll does not come with a vaginal irrigator, you will want to purchase one. These are easy to buy online and come in several designs. It is a small device with a bulb that holds warm water and a nozzle that you can insert into the vagina, anal, or oral opening. By squeezing the bulb with your hand, you force a powerful stream of water into the opening to clean it. If you don’t have access to a vaginal irrigator, a sports bottle with a squeeze top will work temporarily. This is an excellent method to use to clean a sex doll.
  • Handheld Shower Head. Showing your sex doll is perhaps the most convenient way to clean a sex doll. A handheld showerhead makes this process even more comfortable. Spray water over the body of your sex doll. Always use cold water and never use hot water to clean a sex doll.
  • Mild Cleaning Agent. Choose a cleaning agent or soap that is mild and safe for your sex doll. Consult with your owner’s manual to learn what type of soap is best to use with your love doll. Be sure to rinse away all the cleaning agents before allowing your sex doll to dry.
  • Soft, Non-Abrasive Sponge. Using a sponge is an excellent way to apply a cleaning agent to your sex doll. Be sure that the sponge does not have a rough or abrasive quality that could damage your sex doll. A sponge also works well when you want to clean your sex doll’s face.
  • Microfiber Towel. When you have finished washing your sex doll, pat the entire doll dry using a soft towel. Be sure to pat dry the whole surface of the doll and inside the openings as far as you can reach.

How to Store a Sex Doll?

There are several ways to store a sex doll. What you choose to do is left to you and your personal preference. Below are the most common options, but feel free to do as you wish when storing your sex doll if it complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • If you have space, store a sex doll in a box and slide it under your bed.
  • You can also store the doll in a box and place it in the closet.
  • Use a doll suspension kit and hang your doll in your closet. This is a preferred method for many sex doll owners as it helps preserve your love doll.
  • If you have space and privacy, you do not have to “store” your sex doll. You can leave your sex doll sitting comfortably in a chair or relaxed and waiting for you on your bed.
  • There are individually made sex doll storage cases that you may wish to buy. They are attractive and well-made and provide a safe and secure place to store a sex doll.

Please remember to always review and refer to the information provided by sex doll’s manufacturer in using, caring, and storing your high-quality sex doll. To learn more about how to use sex dolls, please visit: 10 Experience Boosting Tips For Using A Sex Doll.

If you have any questiong about how to use sex doll, fell free to contact us.

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